Why do amazing things keep happening in Atlanta?

Because people like you work behind the scenes, encouraging relationships that strengthen our community ties and create positive chain reactions. 

Strengthening the fabric of Atlanta to better our city

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Atlanta is filled with intriguing people like you who work to improve our city. Having witnessed the power of listening, observing, and encouraging, we created the Atlanta Resource Foundation to organically connect people’s time, expertise, energy, facilities, capital, and other resources with those who require assistance to make positive changes in our communities.

The Good Samaritan didn’t want credit for his work; he simply wanted to give resources to a man in need. We believe we’ve all been called to do likewise.

We seek to:


Encourage collaboration to achieve common goals


Network with inspiring individuals


Discover new opportunities for growth in our city


Empower you to make a difference

Like thread in a quilt, we pull Atlantans together to strengthen the well-being of our city. 

Atlanta Associates Program

This program’s mission is to provide an environment where college students can grow in their faith, their understanding of Jesus, and their relationships – all while learning to incorporate their faith into every aspect of their lives. Through practical work in notable Atlanta businesses, each student will set a foundation for building meaningful, lifelong relationships that will empower them to grow as leaders as well as men and women of faith.

Encouraging friends by getting together

Connecting neighbors and resources.

Our founder, Tom Roddy, had a vision for the people of Atlanta where individuals of lesser and greater means worked together to grow and strengthen our city. He was a minister, community ministries connector, writer, and Atlanta local. We strive to keep his vision alive with help from inspired individuals like you.

Wandering Home is the firsthand story of Tom's journey, and the challenge to each of us to begin our own quest for improvement.

Let’s make Atlanta a better place, together.

Know someone whom we are assisting, or interested in connecting with one of our projects? We would be overjoyed to hear you'd like to help out, and we’d be thrilled to help connect you. You can use our donation page to support any Atlanta Resource Foundation project. 

We seek to quietly and naturally connect small groups of Atlantans through encouraging, networking, empowering, and giving to each other. While fundraising isn’t our main goal, if you’d like to give to the Atlanta Resource Foundation, you can do that here. Thank you for your support! 

PO Box 20057 

Atlanta, GA  30325


* The Atlanta Resource Foundation is not a grant making foundation